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How to Write a Professional Resume

Your resume introduces you to your interviewer, acting as your representative before you meet your interviewer. To a great extent your chances of getting the awaited interview call is determined by how effective and professional resume, have you drafted. Your career and dream job can not afford the slightest of the mistake to snatch away the opportunity from you. So draft yourself a customized and professional resume, how much time or effort it may take. The benefits it will earn you, justifies all your efforts. While drafting your resume, take care of the following points to strike the target at right point: (more…)

Interview Etiquettes

A set of rules and etiquette are needed in almost every walk of life. These etiquette guide you, know your limitations and thus show you your how to go abouts. They as well do prevent you deviate from the ethics and do your work with confident and sincerity. And the biggest advantage of following them is the good impression they earns you.

While going for an interview, there are a whole set of etiquette, that you are required to follow to get yourself noted with good marks. And the same has been categorized below: (more…)

Tips to Give Effective Answers to Interview Questions

An interview question, is not a simple question seeking an answer, but it actually targets at bringing out your thought process, your analytical approach, your behavioral traits and much more. Many a times right answer to a question does not matters so much, as does your approach to the question and whether you attempted or not. Few questions are formulated basically to read your reaction and response only. Thus to be effective in interview, following tips will help you answer better and effective: (more…)

Self-Appraisal: Getting Yourself a Good Rating

Self-appraisal is an HR initiative under the overall Employee Performance Appraisal. The concept basically asks you to rate yourself and your performance on a rating meter against various parameters. Self appraisal gives a platform to highlight all you achievements, strengths, problem faced vs. solutions developed, etc.; and to talk about weaknesses and the training requirements(if any), etc. Thus you must not take it lightly and instead prepare for it in advance as you have to very tactfully put forth your worth to your management. If drafted and presented well your work gets better notice and thereby earns you good ratings and increment, etc. (more…)

How to Use Social Media for Job Hunting

Social media networking sites have become an integral part of everyone’s life today. The addiction is so strong that one can leave without his/her spouse for may be 1 month or so, but not 5 days without logging to facebook or twitter account. These sites are growing acceptance as a market and advertising platform, whereby apart from connecting to your friends and relatives, you get shopping, news & awareness, etc. updates as well. Lured with this vast applicability, now the site is being pitched for recruitment purposes. (more…)