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Tips to Get Your Dream Job!

Every one dreams of an ideal career and job for them and so do they want to get a job which matches their desires. But there are a lot of questions that keep in a state of dilemma. Questions like how to write a resume, how to find a career, how to prepare for the interview, etc. Well all this questions can be easily sorted out with the help of tips and tricks you are provided with at blog.careesma.in.

And to help you make a better sort at your dream job, we bring you the following tips: (more…)

How to Quit Your Present Job with Poise

If you think and plan that you need to leave your present job, it is your responsibility to make it as unproblematic as possible for you and your employer. It is not good to stay stuck in your job just because you think that your firm needs you. If you get a better opportunity elsewhere, you should go ahead and move forward in life.

Prepare ahead of time – Do not ever quit your job in haste. People who get angry and quit the job always regret it later. Always evaluate the pros and cons of leaving your present job before quitting it and find an alternative way to earn as well. (more…)

10 Biggest Career Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you are going to start your career or you have shifted to a new job recently, you need to learn and follow work etiquette for real longevity on your job. There are some examples of behavioural patterns and habits that should be avoided in any workplace.

  1. Not having a life plan – Every successful person has a particular plan in life that he actually creates, nurtures and refers to it often.
  2. Not keeping updated – It is very important to keep updated in whatever career you have chosen so that you keep on moving and progressing. (more…)

How to Get Into the Good Books of Your Boss

career adviceEveryone wants to be in good books of boss and all like praises for sure. But it is not just working hard, being honest and sincere and being a yes man can help you get into the good books of your boss. Today, you need to keep in mind few selective things to be good in the eyes of your boss.

Go beyond his expectations
– Support your boss and exceed his expectations. Be prepared and help your boss in every situation regardless of being simple or difficult. Always be ready to take the responsibility and go beyond his expectations. (more…)