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Making the most of internship

Making the most of internshipWhile searching for a job you can be rest assured that employers would ask much more than your educational qualifications. For the last few years recruiters have been showing an affiliation towards appointing candidates who have some prior experience. As a result it is becoming harder for freshers to secure a good job. This problem can be effectively countered with by making the most of your internship programs during your college days. Going through some kind of internship program in any sector would add more weight to your resume, thus enhancing your future career prospects to a large extent.

How to maintain balance between professional and personal life

How to maintain balance between professional and personal lifeWith global economy becoming more and more intricate it is absolutely indispensable for professionals to maintain a proper balance between life and work. You should always keep in mind that you work to live and certainly do not live to work. Therefore, it is absolutely important to maintain a proper balance between professional and personal life in order to stay happy. These two things are completely different and so if one coincides with the other you may have to face some tough situations. Balancing between life and work is particularly important for those who have a family and have some obligations towards their near and dear ones.

How to apply for apprenticeship

How to apply for apprenticeshipA university degree can work a lot to help a person build a successful career but in the craze for earning higher degrees many overlook the effectiveness of apprenticeship programs. It is to be kept in mind that those who want to go through varied learning experiences can apply for apprenticeship programs in order to add some weight to the career prospects. However, there is a certain procedure that applicants should follow while opting for apprenticeships. There are more than two hundred types of apprenticeships with durations between one and four years. Therefore, applicants should make a careful selection of the stream if they have to be in a good apprenticeship program.

How job history affects recruiters

How job history affects recruitersThe current employment scenario seems to have a dismal appearance, especially when seen in the light of the economic hurdles that business organizations. In such a situation securing a job is even tougher for those who have a tumultuous employment history and so it is better to understand how recruiters tend to react to such a candidate who can be termed as a frequent job hopper. When an organization appoints someone it expects certain level of performance from that individual, but a job hopper is never able to deliver that performance as it is quite hard for him to sustain in any one job for a long time. (more…)

How blogging can help during unemployment

How blogging can help during unemploymentThe last couple of decades have been marked with post globalization advantages and disadvantages and it is tougher than ever to secure a job, especially amidst the economic crisis the world is going through. However, in order to secure a job is such a condition you have to make use of all the latest procedures that can propel you to the right destination. Drafting a CV and sitting in interviews is not enough nowadays, you have to expand your reach and exhibit your mettle through processes other exams and interviews in order to convince employers truly. Writing blogs can help you do exactly this as this makes the outer world aware of your existence and the sharpness of your qualities.