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Leading remote teams effectively

Leading remote teams effectively With the corporate sector becoming more and more varied in every aspect proper co-ordination among team members is more important than ever. As the success of a business organization nowadays largely depends on the performance of the teams as a whole, team members need to be connected with each other. It is to be kept in mind that in professional world the key to success is the ability to utilize the resources in the best possible way. With the increasing complexities in the corporate sector a perfect team performance has emerged as the most important requisite of a successful business. However, coordinating with a remotely located team can be tough at times as the team members are not always available in person. In such a situation the team leader has to follow certain rules in order to maintain an effective coordination.

Role of nonverbal communication in an interview

The negative gestures and its impact Apart from the qualification, impressive resumes, portfolios and communication skills, non verbal communication also counts, during an interview. The interviewees often commit the mistake of ignoring the importance of body language and nonverbal communications. However little gestures, the style of upholding and the way of carrying oneself, plays a vital role in convincing the interviewers. This is because in a formal institution and interviews, some manners, ethics and code of conduct occupies an important niche and are treated as parameters to judge appearing candidates.

What are nonverbal communications? (more…)

How to be the Manager, Your Sub-ordinates Want You to be!

A manager not only the is leader of the team, but he is the mentor, the role model for his sub-ordinates and the head of his family(reporting team). All concerns including growth and development of employees/juniors lies on a manager’s shoulder. By definition also it has been marked out that a successful manager should be capable of developing more efficient managers. To maintain healthy growth and productivity of team and efficiency in team performance, it is mandatory for him to ensure the satisfaction and involvement of his team members. (more…)

How to Make Best Out of Your Communication Skills

Communication is the basic requirement of human being. It enables you express your emotions, inform your requirements, react to the environment and so on.. Communication though taken synonymously to speaking, is not just babbling of words, but it is much more.

Communication skill is an integral and most important part of your personality. It is highly instrumental in boosting your confidence, facilitates you impress others and make a mark wherever you go. (more…)