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Top 10 Tips to Crack a Campus Interview

Campus interviews are the most important part of a student’s life. As soon as the graduation time nears you, your focus is shifted to the interview preparation as much it is on the final exams. Your chances of success at the interview, determines your career whereby getting a good break at campus eases the way ahead. Below is a list of top 10 tips to note, while preparing for your campus interview:

  • Probe the nature of the campus interview: It may not be possible for you to find out the exact reason of the interview. (more…)

Career in Banking Calling!

Banking is one of the most sought after category of Jobs in India. Banking being a basic requirement for a developing country like India, there is a vast scope for making career considering Banking Jobs. Need for banking being so vital, this sector has undergone radical changes, development and channelization. Today more than 150 banks are operating in India, with almost 50,000 branches and 17,000 ATMs and these figures itself reflect the employment worth of in this field.

Career in banking as well is preferred in our society on account of the benefits bank-employees receive in terms of financial benefits, easy work-pressure, holidays, etc. Lured with this additional lust, banking sector offers a long list of careers to go-in for. And if you are thinking of making a career in Banking, you can consider the following options, but yes the your selection has to be backed by the eligible academics and skills: (more…)

What Metro Cities Have to Offer as Job Hub

Its nothing new hearing people, looking-out for Jobs in Delhi or in Mumbai or Kolkatta or any other metropolitan city. This trend has been in existence even in the pre-independence phase and so does it prevails today also. Both educated as well layman class influx is there in these cities, contributing to the mix-culture. The name metropolitan itself reflects the richness of these cities and their edge over other cities, even capital cities in terms of employment generation. (more…)

Selection Between a High Salaried Job and a Better Job Role

There are many people in the world who give a second thought to their employment status after they have joined a firm and started working for it. Several aspects have to be taken care of before joining any company or job. However, the present economic condition also matters and affects the decision.

The decision is tough especially for the fresher as designation also plays a vital role and at the same time the amount he or she takes home is also important. So, not surprisingly newly appointed people switch their jobs or some work hard to get salary hike.


Benefits of Creating Multiple Profiles on Employment Sites

Today, you have the facility of creating multiple profiles and it is extremely beneficial too. You can create a number of profiles with a single account and there is no fuss or hassle as such. The most remarkable benefit is that you get an equivalent exposure to number of talents that you possess. There are some people who have multiple talents and backgrounds and it is not justified to let them overlook one of their talents or expertise. A single profile cannot do justice and help them get their achievements.

Advantages of creating multiple profiles