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Top 5 Unique Job Interview Strategies That Work!

Cracking a job interview is an art, for which you need to put in all your efforts and skills. You have to undertake a 360 degree round preparation. Not a single stone can be left unturned. There are plenty of job opportunities in India , what is required of you is to prepare well and in the right way. Abiding by a set of job interview strategies and plans can act instrumentally for you by easing the way ahead for you. Instead of panicking at the last time, just be calm and composed. Keep your mind subtle to act wisely and be proactive. (more…)

Why an Interviewer Asks You “Do You Have Any Question?”

If you are looking for jobs , you must know what all interviewers ask and what is the purpose of their questions. Irrespective of the designation and industry, this is a trend these days that interviewers ask candidates if they have any question. This question is not a regular simple question, which indeed is a common misconception. People generally avoid it, brushing it off saying no, trying to escape getting trapped in further questions. Doing so they don’t realize that their interviewer would make an impression, that:

  • This candidate is not serious enough about the job/profile. The candidate is thus not relevant enough. (more…)