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Importance of Mock Interviews

Importance of Mock Interviews Mock interviews enable candidates to have a fair idea about the sort of things they are going to experience at actual interviews, and prepare them how accurately they can deal with it. Generally these interviews are organized by career services where a career coach trains the students and recent alumni for the new opportunities they can explore by being perfect at the actual interview sessions. But, accuracy does not come automatically. It needs a thorough practice and guidance from an expert trainer. Mock interviews do just the exact thing with the candidates to bring them to perfection and boost their confidence.

The Job search fears

It is to be kept in mind that when it comes to job searches there are many people who fear several aspects of this issue. But, if you have to secure the job that you want you have to overcome this fear and make job search easier. This would help you find the job that you have desired for long and you can easily build a good career.

  • Many people have a fear of networking which ultimately does no good to their job search efforts. It is true that interacting with strangers and introducing yourself to them can be a tough task and you may get nervous sometimes, but it certainly does not mean that you would not undertake networking. It is better to talk with one person at a time as you can clearly convey all that you want to say in this way.
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How Well Should You Be Dressed On Your Interview?

“The first impression is the last impression”- that is perfectly applied for the purpose of interview. As soon as the interviewer sees the interviewee, the first impression before he even utters anything that he is going to have about him is through the attires he is wearing. It is a great strategy to impress the interviewer at the first glance sheerly with the help of the clothes he wears. Hence, it is very important and necessary to dress in a proper professional manner whenever one attends the interview . There are certain proper etiquette’s of dressing for an interview. If followed properly, these etiquette’s can definitely bring a positive result to any interview. However, the attires that need to be worn by men for an interview are follows: (more…)

Is English Fluency a Compulsion For Interviews?

English is a global language today spoken by a majority of the population around the world. In interviews, English is taken to be a compulsion, but from what is gathered from the mass interviewer expectations, it is not a compulsion in all cases. Every interview has its own aspects which might not be same for all. However, this does not necessarily infer that English speaking is not necessary at all for job interviews . But, this should not be deprecating news for those who are not fluent masters in the English language. Knowing the basics of English is all that is important. Technical jobs, operation jobs, etc, do not need such English fluency. However, those with exception of these jobs need to put a deeper hand into the language so as to get a grip on it. (more…)

Top 5 Unique Job Interview Strategies That Work!

Cracking a job interview is an art, for which you need to put in all your efforts and skills. You have to undertake a 360 degree round preparation. Not a single stone can be left unturned. There are plenty of job opportunities in India , what is required of you is to prepare well and in the right way. Abiding by a set of job interview strategies and plans can act instrumentally for you by easing the way ahead for you. Instead of panicking at the last time, just be calm and composed. Keep your mind subtle to act wisely and be proactive. (more…)