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Improving your relation with your colleagues

Improving your relation with your colleagues If you are in your first job you have to walk a long way on your career path. In course of time you would come across different people at your workplaces with whom you would have to deal in different ways. It is to be kept in mind that maintaining a good relation with your colleagues is something that is going to help you in a lot of ways. However, doing something that would make you a favorite among your co-workers instantly is almost impossible. Building a good relation is a gradual process and you have to follow certain rules in that.

How job history affects recruiters

How job history affects recruiters The current employment scenario seems to have a dismal appearance, especially when seen in the light of the economic hurdles that business organizations. In such a situation securing a job is even tougher for those who have a tumultuous employment history and so it is better to understand how recruiters tend to react to such a candidate who can be termed as a frequent job hopper. When an organization appoints someone it expects certain level of performance from that individual, but a job hopper is never able to deliver that performance as it is quite hard for him to sustain in any one job for a long time. (more…)

Things that you should always carry to the interview

In order to secure a good job you have to prove your mettle at the job interview. It has been observed that many good students with impeccable knowledge stumble when it comes to a job interview. In order to sail smoothly through the interview process you have to keep certain things in mind and carry a few things to the interview. These would help you be right on time, create a good impact and finally secure the job that you have wanted for long.

  • You should always carry the contact information and printed directions to the venue. The worst thing to do at an interview is to arrive late. If you lose your way and start walking in a wrong direction you would never be able to arrive at the venue on time which would ultimately cost you the job. (more…)

The job of web content editors

Different information and news that we get online are published after the massive task of editing and planning. This work of editing is done by the web content editor who goes through all the information and contents related to various topics that are published on different websites. The web content editor has to check the authenticity and other related issues related to the updated events and contents for the purpose of providing qualitative contents and information to the site visitors and avoiding the legal tussle related to copyrights and other acts.

The list of works a web content editor has to perform (more…)

Top 10 Salary Negotiating Tricks

Salary is an integral part of every professional’s job description, right from a clerk to a CEO. Even an entrepreneur keeps a clause of fixed salary slab for himself to be presented as his income. Acting as the source of livelihood for some, independence for some it definitely is a big career driver. Be in the form of basic need or a motivator, it lures all and so people target at good salaries. Salary negotiation thus seeks planning and preparation: