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Movie critics and film journalists

The films, of all genres encounter the critical comments of the film critics, after the film release. It is the work of a film critic to guide the theatre goes by providing them the details of movie, without unveiling the story. A film critic compares the film, with some fixed parameters, in order to evaluate and critically analyze. Their analysis finds its place in the column of various magazines, newspapers and other media houses which deals with the entertainment news.

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Mobile application developing and the application designing as a career option

Mobile application developing The daily works, without a cell phone have become impossible thought because of its various applications and uses in different spheres. A mobile phone has now become a multipurpose devise which caters all need like entertainment, communication information exchange and many more. But a mobile phone will lose all its importance and usage without the mobile application. For this purposes the mobile application developers are in demand which has opened various opportunities for the individuals who have the capability designing applications for mobile. Mobile manufacturing companies which aims at keeping, welcomes the talented mobile application developers.

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When you have to choose between further studies and a good job

Choosing between a good job and further studies is one of the toughest decisions for a person to take. This is mainly because a good job offers practical experience and knowledge along with the temptation of earning a salary at the end of the month. At the same time, further studies like Masters or a Doctorate degree can brighten a person’s future job prospects. Masters degree and PhD holders can demand a higher salary and a better position after the completion of their course. (more…)

The time before that big and important Job interview

What do you do hours before that big and important job interview? Do you think you are completely ready to face the volley of shots fired by the employer? If you have these recurring questions in your mind every time a big job interview comes around the corner, then this article can help you. High profile job interviews can always give anyone sleepless nights and morning jitters. But if you follow these following tips and keep them in mind, your job interview would turn out to be a great and memorable one. (more…)

The new age teaching profession

Teaching as a profession has evolved over the ages. Gone are the times when teachers used to teach mechanically to a congregation of uninterested students. Today’s teachers are technologically savvy who know how to capture the interest and imagination of their students.

A teaching career is increasingly attracting more and more youths because of its attractive remuneration, fixed holidays and intellectual enrichment. Remuneration of teachers has increased over the years due to the increase in the number of international schools and their demand for interactive and highly competent teachers. (more…)