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Preparing Yourself for Mumbai Jobs

Amchi Mumbai, calling! Mumbai, the city of dreams and land of possibilities. There is a long list of career lines and jobs in Mumbai, all you need is make a right approach. If you have talent, along with the high energy and never to die spirit in yourself, you can exist and move ahead in this city. To apply for jobs in Mumbai, you need to make a right approach towards the job-opening and keep everything at right place.

While preparing thus, you not only need to prepare academically and apply for the openings, but you as well need to prepare a lot personally, physically and mentally as well. Lets discuss these perspectives, one by one: (more…)

What Metro Cities Have to Offer as Job Hub

Its nothing new hearing people, looking-out for Jobs in Delhi or in Mumbai or Kolkatta or any other metropolitan city. This trend has been in existence even in the pre-independence phase and so does it prevails today also. Both educated as well layman class influx is there in these cities, contributing to the mix-culture. The name metropolitan itself reflects the richness of these cities and their edge over other cities, even capital cities in terms of employment generation. (more…)

Save Yourself from Mid- Career Itch!

Mid-Career Itch is a state of stagnation, loss of confidence and self-belief in your career due to lack of excitement, new things to learn and new challenges to face. Your job starts getting monotonous and predictable leading you to dissatisfaction and may be depression in the long run. It’s thus very important to be ready and fight this devil before it overpowers you.

Below are a set of suggestions thereby to follow: (more…)