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Tips for Professional Behavior at Work

Whether you are a self employed businessman or a pay roll employee, you are always expected to be professional at work. Professionalism is a prerequisite irrespective of the type and kind of work. To be professional, you must have a positive behavior and avoid negativity. The set of behavioral traits thereby can be categorized as:

Interpersonal Behavior: While interacting with others within your department as well as interdepartmental, you must give others respect and be approachable. (more…)

Dos and Don’ts for an Impressive CV

It is not easy to make an impressive CV rather it takes quite a long time to write an application letter even. You need to address the organization and mention various issues. In fact, you need to freshen up your CV and application letter every couple of months. Many people those who have been refused earlier get accepted in the same company with a refreshed CV and great application.

Guidelines for making an impressive CV

  • No need to mention your school or make someone know that the document is your CV. (more…)

How to Take Your Performance Appraisal Seriously

Performance appraisals are important as well as influential for both employees and employers. It is not that these ratings help decide the next boss or team leader, the organization also assures the employees to be treated fairly and at the same time it increases the credibility of the organization too.

Benefits of performance appraisal

  • Helps get a focused approach on deliverables and its measurements both for employees and employer
  • Helps enhance skills and proficiency of employees
  • To find opportunity for recommendations for apt training and development programs (more…)

How to Keep Hold on Interview over a Video Call

Interviews are always tricky and anyone feels nervous attending it regardless of whether it is his first or one of the many interviews. In fact, the tension or nervousness that prevails is because a single wrong step can make you end up losing the job. Nowadays, organizations take the help of technologically developed devices so that the geographical barriers are erased. Various ways of interviewing has been introduced and video conferencing on skype is getting quite common and popular too.

Guidelines to handle an interview over a video call


Prepare just like you would prepare for any other interview. Research with reference (more…)

How to Experience a Happy Job Hunt

Several websites and guides help job hunters work less and do more. They need to be motivated and moving and consider organization and productivity. When you are job hunting, you do not want to go through piles of papers while hunting and pursuing jobs. Being well organized will help you get a good job and will not waste your time and effort too.

Tips to stay well organized during job hunting

  • Keep a track record of people you meet. Have a good contact management system. Remember, a job hunt is all about meeting different kinds of people. You need to keep a track of people you meet the emails you receive and send or sent and notes from conversation. (more…)