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Top 10 Tips to Crack a Campus Interview

Campus interviews are the most important part of a student’s life. As soon as the graduation time nears you, your focus is shifted to the interview preparation as much it is on the final exams. Your chances of success at the interview, determines your career whereby getting a good break at campus eases the way ahead. Below is a list of top 10 tips to note, while preparing for your campus interview:

  • Probe the nature of the campus interview: It may not be possible for you to find out the exact reason of the interview. (more…)

How Ideation in Daily Work Can Help You Improve Your Productivity!!

Every one’s KRAs are defined, processes framed, but there is no limit to innovations and inventions. Doing things different way keep you productive and your work interesting, motivating you do it better and harder. Doing routine work things same way, daily will make your work and atmosphere monotonous, and thereby you start getting saturated in the absence of challenges and newness. To avoid this situation apart from taking-in new projects, responsibilities, etc.. from management and authority, you can as well put-in your own efforts. Trying new ideas to do the same work, to do it better and in less time, trying different combinations and thereby keep a level of experimenting and in. (more…)

How Important is Campus Selection ?

Campus selection is the one of the major parameter on which a college/university’s reputation and value is calculated. While deciding on which college to take admission in, student and their parents consider various points such as College’s history, Govt. support, affiliation, bank support, faculty and campus record. These all factors altogether indeed determine the ranking of college. Campus selection is the biggest platform for a student to get himself and his career a good break and kick-start as his fresher level.Thus preparing for campus selection has to be very strategic, it being your first interview. (more…)

Self-Appraisal: Getting Yourself a Good Rating

Self-appraisal is an HR initiative under the overall Employee Performance Appraisal. The concept basically asks you to rate yourself and your performance on a rating meter against various parameters. Self appraisal gives a platform to highlight all you achievements, strengths, problem faced vs. solutions developed, etc.; and to talk about weaknesses and the training requirements(if any), etc. Thus you must not take it lightly and instead prepare for it in advance as you have to very tactfully put forth your worth to your management. If drafted and presented well your work gets better notice and thereby earns you good ratings and increment, etc. (more…)

Planning Your Career for Growth & Success

Success & career growth is one major issue and biggest drive in your professional life. Everyone wants to be successful in his/her career and for that you need to maintain a healthy and progressive career ladder. Success is not achieved overnight, at least not in every field by every one; you earn it with all your efforts and dedication over years.

Gone are the days of company loyalty when people used to get retired from the same company they started their career with. Today’s dynamic world demands pace and versatility, whereby your prolonged association with same firm with minimal growth is taken as stagnation. (more…)