Talent Management Tips for Smaller Entities

Large organizations find it easier to attract and retain candidates from the talent pool. So, what of the smaller entities? They too require employees who have the skills and capability to take the organization ahead with their dedication and efforts. In such a situation, what the recruiters and people from the top management can do is to create a separate work culture in the organization and ensure that the employees are satisfied with the job that they are doing.

Since there may not be a scope for vertical growth in a smallerorganization the best thing to do would be to create varieties in the work so that each individual can be given charge of their projects in due course of time. The idea is to make them feel empowered so that they don’t feel left out from the race to the top!

The work culture which follows from the organizational culture is also something that needs to be work upon so that they feel a part of something special. The employees need to be explained this fact through future plans and strategies, that even though the organization’s size is small, but it has plans and means to go beyond the usual limitations. Once the window to the future is opened, the employees will be certain of the fact that their future is in safe hands.

Another way would definitely be to introduce flexible working hours, a welcome move away from the regular shifts, which will attract those candidates who may be able to contribute better in hours different than the normal shifts.

The employers also need to create a work culture that gives equal importance to both the work and social life of the employee so that they are not saturated after a point of time. The concept of office parties or weekend outings has been already introduced in a number of smaller organizations based on this concept.

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