Whom to talk with first when you are a new employee

Whom to talk with first when you are a new employee Securing a right job is the dream of each and every person as soon as he or she completes graduation. The professional field is a lot different from the domestic life one is accustomed to before securing a job. The first day at the office is very crucial as it allows the employee judge his boss and colleagues on one hand and on the other it provides others an opportunity to judge his mettle. However, there are many people who face a problem when it comes to interacting with colleagues on the very first day. There are a few people whom new employees should connect with on the very first day at their office.

  • Frontline employees are the first people to be befriended with. It is to be kept in mind that these people are entrusted with the task of developing and manufacturing products along with delivering services right to the clients. So they know the day to day business operations better than anyone else does. Hence interacting with them can help an employee learn the business process from close quarters.
  • Integrators are the perfect people to go to if a new employee needs to have an overall idea of how different departments work together in the organization. Plant managers or project coordinators supervise the coordination among different departments in order to keep up the performance of the business organization. These people can provide a detailed idea about the whole work process along with the political hierarchies of the organization.
  • Tenured and seasoned employees know all the intricacies that the organization has been through in the past and their experience can prove to be a valuable for asset for new employees. No one can succeed without knowing the roots of the organization and tenured employees are the best sources for this information.