The appropriate length of your CV

CV serves as the gate-pass for every individual to enter the professional world. A well crafted CV speaks volumes about the individual and can guarantee him/her a grand and perfect entry into the employment sector. It is a summary of a person’s educational and professional experiences, achievements and qualifications.

The ideal length of a CV

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the length of a CV but it should be made as concise as possible with minimum exaggeration. The length of your CV is directly proportional to your professional qualifications and experiences but on an average it is advisable to keep it restricted to a maximum of three pages because a long CV tends to tire the reader i.e. your employer. An ideal CV should list your achievements in a chronological order and should be neat and well spaced in order to facilitate quick and easy reading.

Quick tips

  • It is advisable to keep all the relevant and important information on the first page because recruiters focus all their attention on the first page.
  • If your CV has become too long it should be curtailed to exclude facts of less importance and by minimizing the interests and activities section.
  • Hobbies should only be mentioned if they are related to the work for which you are applying otherwise it only serves to increase the length and size of the CV.
  • The font type used should be clearly readable. Fun fonts and curly letters should be strictly avoided.
  • The language used should be simple and not elaborately crammed with technicalities.
  • Introduce your employers to your USP (unique selling point) early on in the CV, this will encourage them to read further and thereby improve your chances.

Since the CV helps to create the prospective candidate’s first impression before their employer, it is of paramount importance that it contains relevant and substantial information and is of the appropriate size.