The Best resumes

The resume, while being shorter than the Curriculum Vitae or CV, is a one to three page document detailing the background, qualification, skills and education of an applicant to a prospective employer. While there are numerous ways to format this essential document, the broad categories are

  • The Reverse Chronological resume

This format enumerates the work experience of an individual starting with the most recent position held going back to their first job or at least a position held at the relative beginning of their career. This allows a prospective employer to identify the applicant’s growth in the industry. It is used most widely and is useful when giving a general idea of skill sets while highlighting the experience of a candidate.

  • The functional resume

This format describes in great detail the skills of a candidate and informs an employer with relevant details why the candidate is most suitable for a position offered. Work history is given little importance; instead the prime focus is on the abilities and qualifications of the candidate. It is used when a person shifts careers or when they want to highlight a specific skill set that is required for a position.

  • The Hybrid resume

This is a balance of the two aforementioned styles that gives equal weight to both work experience and skills and abilities. Seldom used, it can become lengthy and long winded but can also help in giving the prospective employer a clear understanding of the applicant.

The notion of the best resume is actually redundant. Since there are so many variables when it comes to employment there can really never be a best resume. A good resume however will include;

  • Comprehensive yet concise information
  • Information that is relevant to the position applied for
  • No information that misleads the prospective employer
  • Legible and intelligent text so that it does not leave the employer confused
  • Facts that can be attested and no fabrication
  • An attractive style that will set it apart from other resumes.

If these points figure in a resume, then it will definitely secure the candidate at least an interview if not the job itself.

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