The best ways to hand over the pink slip

It is never an easy task to let go of someone. It is sometimes a delight when they leave of their own free will, because terminating somebody from their position is a sticky situation.

Today, when every aspect of a business has someone claiming to be a specialist, the releasing of an employee has also become a field where downsizing experts handle exit strategies for redundant employees

When retrenching an employee one should always keep in mind:

  • To not dismiss them suddenly unless it’s absolutely required. Give verbal and written warnings to allow the employee to adjust their work ethic or attitude to better suit the demands of the company
  • Always give a clear and non judgmental reason for their return to the talent pool.
  • Highlight their contribution to the organization, tell them how much you appreciate their contribution, no matter how little it may be.
  • Refrain from using very harsh or negative terms
  • Let the employee have their say, This may not change your decision but it can be cathartic for the person
  • Explain the benefits of the de-selection
  • Keep the reasons for the downsizing private and confidential

Although these are not the canon for reorganizing a labor force, they are tried and tested tips collated from various Human Resource experts. It would always be a good idea to implement them to avoid the unfortunate aftermath of taking someone off the clock.

A lawsuit from the delisted employee is only one such catastrophe that can be bypassed with just a little prudence applied to the process.

That firing someone calls for inventiveness and ingenuity can be surmised from the numerous alternative phrases used for reductions in force in this article. One should remember however that just inventing new phrases is not enough. Being sensitive and practical about the process is of greatest importance too.

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