The career profile of a fashion editor

There is no set parameter and there is particular course that can suddenly drop into a safe zone. All you need is a graduation or master’s degree on mass communication and journalism followed by years of experience and practice in the field. This is the eligibility criteria for becoming a fashion editor. Unless by some magical prowess you have excellent creative writing skills and critically appraise a work of fashion, which would definitely take you to the top brass of fashion industry’s who’s who, the total years of your journey to a position of a fashion editor is dramatically reduced! But don’t pin your hopes on it as it is a one in a million scenario and happens very, very rarely. The best way to ensure that you reach this coveted position is to prove to the industry that you have the grit and determination which has made you earn it.

You need to be original and have a lot of imagination along with an inspiring drive that will put you a step ahead of your peers and make them accept your seniority, if not by age then by merit and skill, which is the best way to gain a position of respect.

Be ready to breathe fashion with every breath that you take and love the industry. You also need to be abreast of the latest trends of fashion and don’t forget to enrich your horizon of knowledge by reading as much as you can. The more research you can conduct, the more wide your perspective will be and you will be in a better position to judge and understand trends. What you need to remember is that the magazine which takes you in as a fashion editor should exhibit something unique and different so that your skills are clearly exuded out of it.

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