The corporate grape vine

The corporate grapevine in an office can be a thriving organism reminiscent of the vineyards of champagne or a shriveled up mushroom hiding away in the dank and dingy spaces behind the office water cooler. However it may be, the corporate grapevine is an intrinsic part of every office.

The common misconception is that it’s mostly women who propagate and proliferate the grapevine. Images of secretaries exchanging the latest tid-bits come quite easily to the mind when someone mentions the term corporate grapevine. This is not only unfortunate it is just plain wrong. Men add as much fertilizer to the grapevine as ladies do. They just don’t do it as unabashedly as their female colleagues.

Some of the most effective ways to keep the grapevine in check are:

  • Communicate

When the administration of an organization keeps sweeping things under the carpet, there will be rumors. Instead choose to be transparent about the workings of your company.

  • Involve

Too often we find that the reason most people are clinging to the grapevine is because they feel like they are not “in” on the happenings of the company.

  • Encourage

When employees are encouraged at work, thru appreciation or incentives they rarely indulge in winding up the rumor mill

  • Use the grapevine

The grapevine can be exploited to filter down information to employees and also to find out what the employees are truly feeling.

The grapevine will never leave an organization. The trick is to make use of it and to monitor its growth. Constant pruning will allow an employer to get excellent yields. To the smart employer the corporate Grapevine is a lot like fire was to Neanderthal man. He discovered it and even figured out a few simple ways to put it to use. He however had not figured out too many ways to tame it. If left to itself it became a formidable force that threatened to wipe out his very existence. The analogy speaks for itself. Keeping the corporate Grapevine behind the water closet suddenly seems like a pretty good idea.

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