The Interview follow-up call

“Will they or won’t they?”

“Did they like me?”

“Did I go wrong somewhere?” Etc, Etc….

All such questions ponder in your mind and disturb your thought process as you wait patiently (or not) for the most important call of your life – your interview follow up call!

Let’s suppose for a sometime here that you have just appeared for a interview and now you are waiting for that much-in-demand call. Usually it happens within a day or two’s time, unless the company is in the process of recruiting and will let you know once it is done interviewing all the potential candidates.

One thing that you must exhibit very well is patience, with a capital “P”! As you may get the call in a day or two, a week or two, at times even in a month or two’s time. So, what can you do in such a case where there is no assurance? Etiquette says that you should at least give it a week’s time and then make the call yourself. Be very polite and don’t let your impatience get reflected through your expressions. Be direct about what you want to know and then place your question accordingly.

What you must definitely avoid is calling the very next day or even two days later as you never know the organization’s policy for sure. So, give it a respectable amount of time before you make the call. If you didn’t get any response, then you can alternate your ways of communication (calls, e-mails, messages). But keep a good gap between your communications as otherwise your employer may get irritated and the result can be quite the opposite of what you are expecting.

And, never for once live under the misconception that if you don’t make that call your employer will think highly of you. Whether or not your services will be hired doesn’t at all depend on the fact that you make a follow-up call or not!

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