The job of a technical brewer

The main job of a technical brewer is to manage the production of lagers and beers. The management of the production process involves quality maintenance and supervising biochemical processes including heating, cooling and fermenting. The functions of a technical brewer involve checking the quality of the beer, keeping records of the manufacturing process, managing suppliers, supervising technical improvements, checking the quality of the raw materials and overseeing packaging processes. Technical brewers may also be sometimes entrusted with the work of developing new beers, especially to cater to the demand of the public.

In order to build a career as a technical brewer a person, first of all, needs to have a degree in relevant subjects like chemical engineering, food technology and brewing and distilling. Various colleges and universities offer these courses and interested persons can visit the institutions’ websites to get a clear idea of the courses that they offer. However, employers may emphasize on the employee’s capability to manage a team and may consider previous experience of the employee in the relevant field as an indication for his or her competence. So, an employee can multiply the chances of getting employed in the industry if he or she has some prior experience in this field.

The learning process does not stop even after getting a job. Employees need to keep themselves updated with the latest technology that develops with the passage of time. Some large breweries also offer special training programs to their employees so that they can enhance their knowledge and performance. Diploma in Brewing is offered by Institute of Brewing and Distilling and employees can easily pursue this course if they want to gain some in depth knowledge about brewing. It is also possible to earn a MBA degree in Brewing and Distilling.

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