The new age teaching profession

Teaching as a profession has evolved over the ages. Gone are the times when teachers used to teach mechanically to a congregation of uninterested students. Today’s teachers are technologically savvy who know how to capture the interest and imagination of their students.

A teaching career is increasingly attracting more and more youths because of its attractive remuneration, fixed holidays and intellectual enrichment. Remuneration of teachers has increased over the years due to the increase in the number of international schools and their demand for interactive and highly competent teachers. The blossoming of a number of teacher training schools has completely revolutionized the teaching methodologies.

Teaching skills

Today studying has gone beyond learning by rote; teachers have to exert themselves for their students’ educational and career advancements. Therefore the following skills in a teacher are highly important.

  • The teacher should take an initiative to make sure his/her pupils have been able to grasp the concepts being taught in class, especially the difficult ones.
  • They should be receptive to their student’s ideas and encourage them in their endeavours and extracurricular pursuits.
  • They should dispel any amount of fear the students might bear towards the teacher.
  • They should understand the psyche of their students.
  • They should be technologically proficient and make active use of new technologies in order to make their classes interesting.
  • They should constantly try to improve their teaching methods in order to prevent stagnation.
  • Make the study process interactive through short films, playacting etc.
  • They should aim to develop an open environment in the classroom that allows for the free exchange of ideas.

Previously, teachers used to rely on their personal educational qualifications and skills while nowadays, the new age teachers are armed with PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, documentaries, charts and illustrations in order to make their respective subjects interactive and interesting. This is therefore a good sign for the future teaching industry.

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