The thrill of being a corporate lawyer

Corporate law is becoming a lucrative and highly successful career option these days and it is attracting a large number of law aspirants from various countries across the globe. The attraction clearly is in the money that large scale corporate conglomerates pay in order to get them through major partnerships, business dealings and litigation cases. If you are interested in pursuing a career in corporate law, then below are some aspects to be kept in mind.

  • Formal education – Corporate law is a highly intricate form of law and has further sub categories and specializations. Corporate law aspirants need to have a master degree in law, preferably the LLM degree that can help them in pursuing the right kind of specialization. Most of the master programs require aspirants to clear the Bar exam and then choose the electives with which they would like to work.
  • Specializations – There are a large number of specializations when it comes to corporate law. From mergers and acquisitions, corporate taxes to corporate finance and accounting. Aspirants need to be very good and accurate with mathematics in order to excel in these specializations. There are elective courses on global finance and legal ethics that can prove to give a strong foundation to the overall program.
  • Job profile – It is needless to say that the job profile of a corporate lawyer is highly dynamic and entails a lot of responsibilities. A corporate lawyer needs to stay abreast of all the company details from top to bottom and has a powerful say in all the mergers, acquisitions and dealings. The thrill mainly lies in the fact that the profession still holds the lofty standards of prestige and in the way corporate deals are conducted between high profile business giants.

If you feel that corporate law is your forte, then do not think twice. An exciting and prospective career waits for you in the horizon.

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