The Un-ending Race to Recruit

Recruitment and the targets related to it has become Olympian! In fact, Olympic Games come and go but the struggle to reach the top of the ladder and be the best organization in terms of quality and quantity of people staffed, is truly an un-ending battle. And, when it comes to the promises made to recruit special troops especially for supporting the games then your company is out under the scanner to see whether it has been able to reach the per-determined number when it comes to recruiting candidates, more specifically, create employment.

And, this staffing Olympics is not to be taken lightly at all! It is interesting to note at this point that according to reports, organizations who were able to meet their recruitment targets are the ones who have seen better results than the ones who have promised a number and not been able to deliver on that.

Though it has been observed that the employment options given to the candidates are not always permanent but the attempt to provide temporary jobs to millions of people in the country is definitely counted as a boost to the economy.

Therefore, recruiters also aim at staying ahead of competition and providing employment to as many workers as possible so that they can earn some goodwill in the market. This of course, has a number of benefits such as:

  • The stock prices soar
  • Organizations earns a reputation of being a good recruiter
  • Job seekers as well as market observers give cookie points to the organization
  • These cookie points ultimately reflects themselves in the market for the products and/or services offered by the company

Thus, even though the results for the Olympic Games are declared on the spot, the reports about a particular organization’s performance in terms of its recruitment take time to show its results, which of course, ultimately gets reflected on the balance sheet numbers!

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