Thinking out of the Box

Stay foolish, Stay hungry’ – Steve Jobs (1955- 2011)

We are following a culture of clones where everything seems to be standardized and most want to succeed without taking risks. The need of the hour is ‘Originality and Uniqueness’. Let’s understand the concept of thinking outside of the box. Here ‘Box’ is basically the limits and constraints that bind us. From family to school to society – everything is a system which needs to be followed or conformed to. This conditioning helps in smooth functioning and is for our own good but can harm because it becomes second nature to most and squelches the ability to be spontaneous, take risks or be creative. This limits our opportunities as we need creativity to evolve and grow.

Throughout history and even today, the people who created an impact are those who took risks in being different and stood apart from the crowd. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Lady Gaga are a few examples of people who chose to be original and creative. As a young man, Jobs quit college, slept on park benches, had a passion for calligraphy and went on to become a founder of one of the biggest corporations in the world. He was a visionary, pioneer and genius in the field of business, innovation and product design. He preached and followed his ideology/mantra of following one’s heart and be willing to go to extreme ends to realize one’s dreams.

Not only in our professional life but also in our personal day-to-day routine, creativity keeps things fresh and rejuvenates us as individuals and is more satisfying. The challenging aspect of doing things differently makes us more active and gives more depth, perseverance and confidence to our personality.