Tips for jobseekers

Searching for a job? The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the formula that worked a few years ago isn’t applicable anymore. As processes become simpler and competition becoming stronger with every passing day, it has becoming extremely important to be aware of the ways to reach out to the maximum numbers of recruiters. This has become possible at present with the help of social networking sites. Whether you’re online or offline it doesn’t matter because the net has you roped in all the time! You’ve just got to register with these sites and spend a good amount of time marketing your skills. Yes, marketing it is, that is if you want your skills to be known to the right people.

So, what is it that can get you going? First things first, get your profile correct. You need to be sure of what you’re going to put in your profile. Focus and highlight the qualities that you feel will find takers in the particular segment. Doing your homework right will definitely put you in advantageous position as you will get a good idea about  the company, the kind of candidates they are looking for, the job specifications and other important details. This proactive approach will definitely be rewarded once the recruiter notices your CV and gets in touch with you.

Next, make an attempt to become a part of networking groups, as many as you can. This will increase your chances of becoming visible to the right kind of people. And, this is not the end of it. When you have yourself registered in these groups you also need to follow up regularly by logging in and communicating as much as possible. Apart from this you also need to get in touch with professionals and fellow job seekers from your sector. Most importantly, be socially active so that you are remembered.

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