Tips for Telephonic Interview

Telephonic interview, though may sound easier and convenient for your, as you don’t need to travel to a specified venue and bother about your attire and looks. But its not actually that casual, it is as much technical an interview as is personal interview. And thus and thereby you need to prepare as much for these interviews as well. To secure the job, you are applying for, your every move needs to be right and then and thereby you need to get good score in the interview . While preparing for a telephonic interview, follow the below tips:

  1. Pre-Interview Preparations: Collect as much information about the company and the job-profile, you are applying for, as that will guide and help you score well. Further mark out the points and grounds that match you with the profile-requirements and the company’s hiring process.
  2. Be Alert: Take notes of all important points for further reference, if needed, Keep your resume ready before you so that you need not waste time remembering your details. If possible, keep company’s site open to refer, if need be.
  3. Build an Ambiance: Since the interview venue is your home, so its your responsibility to build a proper ambiance, there must not be distractions and noise around you as they not only hinder you focus but at the same time makes a very bad impression.
  4. Prepare and practice for the interview: Look out for the common questions/pattern of questions and prepare your answers. While practicing, well verse your tone and pitch appropriately for the interview as your voice in representing your candidature.
  5. Telephonic etiquette: Check properly, which telephonic mode are you using, if land-line evacuate the area around you. And in case you are using you mobile, the your location must be having good signal, turn off call-waiting, the background must not be noisy and disturbing. Preferably use land-line for better sound and signal quality.
  6. Be Focused: Listen properly and attentively to the questions, and be clear about what is being asked and while answering be calm and patient but confident. Have a glass of water ready nearby yourself, for the situation if your mouth dries up or if you get a throat-itch.
  7. Manage your body-language: Though at home and once visible verbally, but still your body language matters a lot. Modulate your voice appropriately, smile where needed and be alert and focused and don’t ever be too casual or clumsy.
  8. Prepare Questions: Get yourself a list of most common questions on this platform and prepare your answers accordingly. Do have a list of questions to ask from the interviewer as well like job responsibilities, etc.. that shows your interest and alertness.
  9. Follow-up after Interview: Be sure to have your interviewer’s number/email id or not. Once your interview is over, send them a thanks note and express your interest excitement in the job/company.