Tips for Your First Job Interview

Your first job-interview is the foundation stone of your years-long career journey and an experience that stays with you life-long. Interviews though always tend to make you nervous and conscious, the first job interview is most special. You are about to enter the professional world of responsibilities and performance, leaving your education life behind. And thus the preparation has to be the best.

Following are a list of tips you can try to assure your self success at the first shot:

  • Be Professional & Presentable. Dress smartly, wear a Formal, neat & clean, well pressed and your shoes, well polished.
  • Do study about the organization, its ventures, product line, etc… before interview, to know what organization you are going to associate with.
  • Be Punctual for the interview. You must reach the venue timely, in fact reaching 10 minutes early is better. Get a bearing of the organization while you wait.
  • Be courteous and Courteous: at the reception and to the individual who comes to escort you to the interview room.
  • Once inside the meeting room, introduce yourself and shake hands (if you are uncomfortable with the latter, a greeting should suffice). Smile.
  • Wait till you are asked to sit, and take a seat gently once requested to.
  • Let the interviewer start the discussion and try to catch his line of interest and answer accordingly.
  • Keep eye-contact with the interviewer and if a panel is there connect to everyone while answering.
  • Your body language should be expressive and interactive; and sitting posture should be erect and confident and keep modulating your voice while you talk.
  • Answer the questions in short and to the point. Modulate your voice while you talk.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and passion for the subject you are being interviewed for.
  • When asked for, inquire about the relevant policies of the organization, your KRAs, your career growth line, etc. or discuss the job related doubts, if you have any.
  • Be humorous but intelligently, smart anecdote or relevant joke that you share can ease the environment.
  • But don’t act overconfident and don’t take questions & instructions casually.