Tips for freelancers facing a downtime

Tips for freelancers facing a downtime Facing a downtime requires courage and patience and especially if the person is a freelancer. Though freelancers do not work on roll of any company they are in no way devoid of duties, responsibilities and work pressures. More the amount of work, better is the income for freelancers. But at times they, like normal employees, may face some difficulties especially during troubled economic condition of the companies they work for. It is therefore better to know how to cope with this situation that may sometimes become almost unbearable for many.

  • Preparing for such a situation is the best ticket out of it. It is better to save money for such periods and formulate a clear expenditure plan in order to survive the ordeal. Saving money for 3 to 6 months of no-work period is generally advisable as most downtime periods get over within a few months. However, depending on the larger economic scenario this period may increase and so freelancers have to be prepared to face all situations.
  • Keeping the expenditure at the lowest level during the no-income period is absolutely important as it would increase the sustainability with the stored money.
  • Panicking in such a situation can have disastrous results and so it is better for freelancers to have a control on their nerves and wait for the situation to pass. It has been seen that unreasonable panic harms more than the economic hardship in such situations and so a distance from panic is to be maintained.
  • Utilizing the free time as a vacation can be a good idea. However, as there is no room for spending much a shorter vacation would be ideal. It would relieve the freelancer of all the tensions at least for some time so that he can get back to the professional arena with a fresh mind.