Tips to Get Your Dream Job!

Every one dreams of an ideal career and job for them and so do they want to get a job which matches their desires. But there are a lot of questions that keep in a state of dilemma. Questions like how to write a resume, how to find a career, how to prepare for the interview, etc. Well all this questions can be easily sorted out with the help of tips and tricks you are provided with at

And to help you make a better sort at your dream job, we bring you the following tips:

  • Match yourself with the field and profile, you are applying for. Like, if you are applying for a developer job and give your personal URL, make sure your site is working. Similarly if you apply for a writer’s job? Don’t misspell words while talking about the quality of your work.
  • Research well prior to your application and interview to know what you don’t know. Embrace it all. Pretending like you know everything could instead prove that you know nothing.
  • Do proper formatting and proofreading of your job search tools (cover letter and resume) and application (mails, etc.) Be sure to not do writing errors and/or repetitions and the formatting and font size must be consistent throughout all documents.
  • Don’t forget the attachment, is you have mentioned it in your cover letter or mail. While attaching the soft copy in mail, be sure to use professional file name which could either be your own name or simply the document name (like resume, etc…)
  • Market yourself well and justify your suitability for the profile you are applying for.  Remember that this is a buyers’ market so be sure not give a reason to rule you out.
  • Put the more important things at the beginning, like the experience and skills must come first in the resume and your education at the end. Similarly if you have something impressive to say in your cover letter, include it in the beginning.
  • A good cover letter will get you more chances of your resume given a look. Including you cover letter in the email body, apart from being added as an attachment can be a good trick.
  • Prefer using PDF format for your resume file because if the recruiter will not be able open your resume in “Preview” it may go in the no file. So prefer using PDFs as they open in preview.
  • Use a professional sounding email address, preferably with some variation of your name.
  • Don’t send an empty mail along with attachments. Write something in the email also.

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