To be Calculative or Dedicated

When you enter a professional environment, you will encounter an array of people. Each of them has come from different background. Each one of these people has different way looking at life and also each have got different dreams for future.

Now, if you look closely, you may be able to put these people into two separate categories, dedicated and calculative.

The Dedicated Ones

Ninety percent of the office goers you see everyday hate their jobs. They hate the fact that each morning they have to drag themselves to the job. At the time of going to bed each night, they decide not to go back ever again. But for the sake of financial reasons they find themselves walking towards their office despite the decision.

You may fall under this category. But, whatever your reason is for going to the office, you should have the willingness to put your hundred percent into the job. Keep in mind that the company is paying you and you should give them your best shot.

How can you be dedicated? First things you can do for your company and yourself is reach on time. You will not have to like your job. You will not have to stay in the job for the rest of your life either. But till the time you are there make sure to gain a good reputation. Being a late comer will not help you in your current job or at the time of reference checking.

Next thing is, make sure to perform well. You will make mistakes. Everyone does. Do not be dismayed because, you are not perfecting your task. Learn to learn from your mistakes and learn not to repeat the mistakes again. With time you will see that you have become better in your job. You never know you may even begin liking it.

It is okay to be ambitious and you should have the desire to make it big. But do not fret about your salary all the time and perform half heartedly. Remember that if your employer is paying you low, it is because you have agreed to accept the low salary.

The benefit of dedication

Even if you are underpaid, try to be dedicated. Trying to perform better will eventually make you better at your job. Your employer will surely notice the effort you are putting and may reward you later. If that does not happen, with your new earned skill set, there will not be any shortage of good job offers.

The calculative ones

You will recognize this sort by talking to them. They will be the friendly ones and will get close to you within minutes. Do not be surprised if you find yourself doing their job along with yours. They are the advantage seekers who will do anything to derive benefit from a situation.

It is not wrong to be calculative though. You should know when to enter or exit a situation. But over indulgence in calculative nature may cause problem for you and your workplace.

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