Top 10 Career Networking Tips That Work

Today’s job hunting calls for strong career related network building. A strong network back up offers you an unparallel exposure to the world of opportunities. Career networking helps you get up to dated with the latest developments and technologies of the concerned field. You as well get knowledge and awareness regarding unlimited possibilities.

With regard to the role of networking in career jobs, we bring you the following top 10 tips to be brought into practice: Be sure of your networking needs. Unless you know who are you i.e. your uniqueness, what do you want i.e. what are your expectations, and what all you have, i.e. what is your expertise; you cannot identify your networking needs.

  1. Keep yourself a handy resume and networking card always ready with you. This will help you approach the right person and offer them a token of your identity to remember you, as you never know who you will meet while looking for a job.
  2. Prepare yourself an elevator speech to present it as a business card to the relevant people. So make yourself a good 20 second professional summary.
  3. Undertake information interviews. Information interviews are one of the best ways to seek information and details about the concerned field in terms of the minimum qualification and experience and skills required for the job position.
  4. Participate in professional associations and volunteer in relevant project and activities. Similarly, onsite trainings are one of the best ways to learn the real skills and job handling. Moreover you also get a chance to make contacts in your area of interest.
  5. Keep your network organized and stay in a regular touch with them. May be you don’t find a few person really useful to you right now, but you never know whom will you need when. And keeping your records handy, you can reach them when needed.
  6. Make a good rapport with everyone in your network and be genuine. Networking does not mean to include a huge of names in your friend list or such, but means that each person in your network when contacted must be able relate to you. Networking basically means connecting to a number of people.
  7. Earn recommendations for you. When your former manager and colleagues recommend you, highlighting your achievements. It is indeed the most credible tool to earn good impression and preference. Requesting for recommendations therefore is an advisable exercise.
  8. Be interactive and responsive. Ask questions about topics in news, etc. and ask for advices in your network. Interact with all and be responsive. Answer quickly whenever asked for your advice or insight.
  9. Approach relevant people, when needed. Refraining to ask some for help defies the essence of networking. Similarly be resourceful to others. Offer to help others in need.