Top 10 Salary Negotiating Tricks

Salary is an integral part of every professional’s job description, right from a clerk to a CEO. Even an entrepreneur keeps a clause of fixed salary slab for himself to be presented as his income. Acting as the source of livelihood for some, independence for some it definitely is a big career driver. Be in the form of basic need or a motivator, it lures all and so people target at good salaries. Salary negotiation thus seeks planning and preparation:

  • Research the company’s financial health and status well as it will give you an idea of the company’s affordability.
  • Analyze your market value and worth , on the basis of the market demand of your profile, qualifications, experience and skills. This will help you estimate your worth and you can thus quote accordingly.
  • Practice the negotiation and use your best interpersonal skills. This will help you be confident and affirmative of how to take your concern. This as well will help you avoid getting emotional or taken a back during actual discussion.
  • Don’t mention your salary needs as this will give your interviewer a higher hand getting hold of your requirement.
  • Market and sell yourself by convincing your interviewer that you are the most eligible person for the vacant position. Let the interviewer feel he wants you and then you can confidently put forth your demand.
  • Anticipate be affirmative of getting the job and discuss the salary as part of your job-description. Make your interviewer feel how your demanded sum of money will keep you motivated and you will perform better.
  • Don’t be impatient , asking about the salary amid interview questions. Wait for the interview to get to the salary negotiation time, as once you find your interviewers convinced you can better bargain your desired amount.
  • Don’t start negotiating until you have got the offer . While not being too rigid stand on your point strongly unless you are confirmed the offer. Or else if the interviewer will have his hold on the process.
  • Be reasonable and realistic in demanding your slab and consider your boss’s point of view as well. Your boss can not offer you a higher salary slab in recession or if you are a fresher.
  • Forecast other benefits and keep an alternative plan ready to offer so that if the initial negotiation is not working out, offer for other option like, incentive clause, 6 months post appraisal, etc.