Top 10 Tips for Call Center Interview

While preparing for call center jobs , you need to be very assertive of your skills and experience. These jobs basically are of customer serving nature and good knowledge of technologies and processes and expertise in customer handling is highly required. Not only the skills and experience is required to be in you, but smartly establishing your eligibility is equally important. Prepare well and relax yourself, be confident of what you have achieved and what skills you have.

Top 10 tips, to earn you good score in your call center interview:

  1. Formal Suit & Attire: Call center jobs often require business attire, even if the dress code of the concerned company is casual, wearing a formal suit gets you a good first impression.
  2. Neatness: Not only is your dress noticed, but your hairs, nails, shoes, jewelery, etc all are noted and given points. So wear formal, well polished shoes and your dress must be well pressed, wear only required accessories and make-up.
  3. Updated Resume: Resume carries the maximum marks, so have a current, updated and customized resume, which highlights your skills and achievements well.
  4. Research about the company: You must be informed about the company you are going for an interview with and what products it deal with.
  5. Prepare and practice pattern interview questions: Get yourself a set of common questions, and practice them well, to avoid stammering and this will also boost your confidence.
  6. Be Punctual: Note down the interview location and learn about the route in advance. Try to reach at least 30 minutes before time for the interview.
  7. Interview Folder: Your resume folder must carry all the needful documents arranged orderly, your passport size photographs, extra resume copies, if needed.
  8. Patience and Politeness: Customer dealing calls for lots of patience and politeness in your communication, and work nicely on both of these. Listen to the interviewers’ questions properly and answer them in a polite and confident manner.
  9. Maintain your body language: Be confident and maintain eye-contact with your interviewer. You would be the representative of your company before clients, so these will get you good marks.
  10. Be smart: While answering interview questions, be precise and to the point, use easily understood language and phrases and try to be modestly humorous, as these are high hit points in customer dealing.