Top 15 Tips: How to Get a Job?

How can I get a job? Where can I get a job? and so on. There is no end to the list of such questions on how to get a job. Every year lacks and lacks of youngsters are graduating and looking for a job thereafter, but not everyone succeeds in getting a job. Reason could be many and so could be the solution to it. To help you take right attempt at your target we bring you the following list of top 15 tips that you must follow to help yourself get placed in a company:

  1. Be specific about the position you are applying for. Relate your skills and experience to the position to show your eligibility for the concerned position.
  2. Dedicate serious and more time searching your job. As the more opening you find, more applications you send in, finally getting more interview calls.
  3. Target your industry and research it well. Know the trends, the openings, the opportunities and thus the requirements of the field and judge yourself.
  4. Be aware while stepping in the interview room. Research the company well, read about the profile and the related job responsibilities, you are applying for.
  5. Be creative and stand out in your job application and interview. But don’t forget to be realistic, be yourself and give out honest efforts.
  6. Brand yourself, getting into the role of a marketer. You thereby actually are selling the most valuable asset, which is you. So highlight your USP and pull the buyers’ attention.
  7. Be positive and avoid mentioning any negative points like why you left your job, or could not get a job for a long time, etc.
  8. Be active on social media networking sites. Let people know you and what are you up to (like looking for a job or a change, etc.).
  9. Enhance your skills while you don’t have a job or are looking for one. Instead of waiting for the call and sitting ideal, you must sideways enhance your skills.

10. Avoid giving too detailed and excessive information in your cover letter, just use it to introduce you to the recruiter and show your interest in the company.

11.  Refrain telling stories in resume. Be specific in giving your academic and experience details.

12. Use your job search tools well, which includes your cover letter and resume along with the job portals and today’s social networks.

13. Be truthful and do not make any false promises or exaggerations to get a job.

14. Prepare question to ask in the interview and remember that the questions must be valid and reasonable.

15. Avoid using any sort of jargons or informal conduct in an attempt to be cool or confident as it would show your negligence and unprofessional nature.

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