Top 25 Tips to Have Fun at Work!

Only getting a job is not all, performing well matters a lot. Teams where employees have fun at work are the most motivated and productive. As a happy and relaxed mind is capable of comprehending situation better and sees beyond present. Staying happy at work reflects your motivation and enthusiasm in your work. Not only the management initiatives are important for you to have fun and stay motivated at work, but your own efforts are as well important.

We thus bring you 25 best ways to make your work fun based:

  1. Collaborate with everyone.
  2. Approach seniors or relevant co-workers to learn new things, or ask their advice on a new project.
  3. Think out of box and come up with new set of solutions for your problems.
  4. Be polite and talk nicely to everyone.
  5. Share smile with everyone, it won’t cost you anything.
  6. Be humorous and keep the atmosphere light and interactive.
  7. Have group lunches and invite new co-workers out to lunch.
  8. Share jokes and pranks.
  9. Share chocolates or bring some desert for everyone from home.
  10. Have group photographs on all possible occasions like colleagues’ birthdays, etc.
  11. Compliment your colleagues and boss whenever needed.
  12. Do some stretch exercises to give your body some relaxation.
  13. Avoid sitting long in same position take 2-3 minutes break at least every 2 hour and walk a bit, make your own coffee.
  14. Laugh at yourself and be open to feedback.
  15. Participate in all office functions and colleagues’ birthdays.
  16. Bring in a board game and play it with everyone during breaks.
  17. Help others in the work you are good at.
  18. Play quizzes and ask questions.
  19. Create a humor bulletin board.
  20. Have fun dress up days.
  21. Have pizza/burger parties.
  22. Share moments and experiences with your colleagues and ask them to share as well.
  23. Ask your colleagues what is their favorite food/animal/season and why; and more such questions.
  24. Bring coffee for your colleagues while you get your coffee.
  25. Wish and greet everyone when you enter or leave the office.

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