Top reasons why employees quit

With attrition and job hopping having become a serious concern for recruiters, some serious research is being done on the reasons why employees quit and based on popular research few reasons have been underlined as the top employee exit precursors and they are:

  1. Management that irks: Good and skilled employees will never put up with incompetent or inconsiderate bosses and will start finding avenues of change as soon as they start feeling that the senior they are reporting to is not deserving of the position. Therefore, before promoting managers internally and entrusting them with people management responsibilities companies should thoroughly evaluate the competencies of the person. For that matter, not only the bosses, even the entire management should keep doing regular dip checks into their policies so that they do not become a pain to the employees.
  2. No career growth: No employee would stick to an organization that does not show them the pathway to success and future growth. An organization where prospects have stagnated should take immediate measures to create avenues by way of which employees can chart their career growth.
  3. Office Politics: One of the most disturbing aspects of the corporate world is office politics which has time and again cost organizations some of their best hands. This factor, though not under the direct control of the management should be looked into with a holistic approach. When talking about holistic approach, it entails proper training of the employees not just in regular work functions but also in corporate ethics. In addition, the HR along with the ombudsperson should keep a close track on the psyche of the employees and avoid the spread of any negativity which may eventually result in abating dirty office politics
  4. The due recognition: It is not just money that people work for and this is one factor that many organizations fail to understand thus loosing many of their human assets. While money is indeed important, human beings invariably strive harder when they are appreciated for their efforts and given the due recognition in front of co workers. Therefore, a timely pat on the back can really help in retaining the most hardworking and dedicated employees.

If all the above explanations are to be summed up we will see that it is the human psyche that has to be nurtured in order to retain the best talents and recruiters in conjunction with the HR team should keep on innovating and implementing plans to keep the employees happy, satisfied and motivated in order to retain them.