Training the second in command

Training the second in command It is good if you perform well in your professional arena but it is always necessary to keep someone ready from your staff who would be able to take up your position in future. Your good performance may fetch you some accolades from your boss but if you fail to build someone who would be able to handle matters after you, you would certainly have to stumble at a certain point of time. Hence it is better to be prepared with someone who would make your job easier. This is also essential if you want your team to perform well.

The first thing that you need to do in order to achieve this is to free some of your responsibilities on your selected staff who would be able to handle them effectively. Associating your staff with your responsibilities would help him understand what you need to do and how those projects need to be handled. It is better to interact in a candid manner so that your second in command can understand everything candidly. However, you may face problem in selecting the staff whom you want to train and so you have to be careful enough regarding the selection process.

No organization can survive without the advent of new employees and so if your organization has to survive you have to educate your staff in such a way so that they can handle the matters after you. Identifying the right position with the best potential is absolutely essential in this regard. The position should be such where there is enough possibility of developing skills and the perspectives. After identifying these positions you have to instigate your staffs to take up new assignments where they will be able to contribute on their own. This would make training second in command easier.