Tricky Times – Serving an Amiable Notice Period

The notion of serving the notice period can give some people nightmares. It is a confusing time. You will have to be very calculative to handle this situation. It is normal to feel isolated when you are going through this period. But make sure to maintain the casual air of dealing with everybody.

Give your best shot at the job even though you are leaving. You may have been working for this company for a long time and you may have been a great worker. But, the tragic aspect is how you started no one will remember. But, they will talk about how you finished the tenure forever. Therefore, make sure to perform till the last day and set an example.

Be in your casual self. Even if the others are avoiding you, do not despair. They will not be there in your life for a long time. Talk to your colleagues the way you used to and maintain the friendly attitude.

A resignation can bring a huge change in the relationship between you and your employer. Your boss may feel betrayed by your action. It is normal. It happens when someone you have started depending on suddenly decides to leave. Your duty is to try to reduce the tensed air. Remembering that once when you needed a job this person had helped will help you a lot.

You will have to make an effort at trying to leave on the good note. It will help in your future. You never know what may happen and you may have to join back the old company once again.

Take initiative to train the person who will be replacing you. Do not hold anything back while you are preparing this individual to take your place. Share resources without constrain.

Most importantly, do not try to motivate anyone to leave the company along with you.

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