Understanding the Job Market

If you are a fresh graduate and getting a job is your priority at this moment, you better first understand the job market and how it works. It is to be kept in mind that finding a job is not that easy especially under the present economic condition. Hence you should gear yourself up to face the challenges that the job market is going to throw in your path. Though recruiters often post advertisements regarding job vacancies in their organization, coming across the right job opportunity and getting employed is sheer luck. Here in comes the importance of job boards and recruitment consultancies.

Job boards work as intermediaries between the recruiter and the candidate. They are paid by employers to provide them with competent candidates and probable employees. Job boards can help you immensely to get a job by putting you at the right place at the right time. In order to avail such a service you have to first enlist your name with a job board and select the job categories that you are interested in. The board would then constantly send you information about relevant openings via e-mail, thus making you aware of the job opportunities in the market.

On the other hand a recruitment consultancy is involved in the entire recruitment process, right from screening of applications to the final interview. Sometimes they work in collaboration with the recruitment teams of the company to appoint the right person for the organization. They also help candidates with valuable advices and suggestions that play an important role in securing a job. However, you must not confuse between a temping agency and recruitment consultancy. A temping agency is generally paid by the company to find an employee and the agency then pays the employee from the fees. It is thus a constant process. But recruitment agencies walk out once the company has selected the right candidate.

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