Unnoticed but costly errors in resumes

There are some errors that are easily noticeable but then there are others which go unnoticed and stay hidden. These are usually detected by the person going through your resume. These are mistakes which may not seem too important at the first look but they actually play an important role in making or breaking your image in front of your prospective employer. So, it’s better if you try and avoid such mistakes.

While formatting your resume you may be tempted to use fancy fonts which according to you will keep the reader interested enough to go through your details but it’s actually the opposite. This is not some fancy fashion magazine that we are talking about; this is a professional space where you are supposed to include all the important information about your educational qualification and professional experience in a simple comprehensive style. So avoid fancy fonts at any cost if you want your employer to take you seriously and consider you for the vacancy.

Like too little information is not a good thing and it’s an evasive tactic if you don’t have much to say, too much information or overload of information isn’t a good thing too. This will not make you stand out in the crowd at all; it will rather place you in the group of undesirable candidates. Trying too hard should be avoided completely.

The most important part for your CV is the top fold which contains one third of it and this is where you have the maximum chances of either grabbing the attention of the reader or losing it completely. According to research conducted it has been proven that the first few seconds are most important in deciding the fate of the candidate. The employer needs just a few seconds to decide whether they are going to give the candidate the chance to appear for the interview or not and thus it is very important to avoid any errors in the first few segments of your CV.

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