Using Social Media for recruitment

Social media has become one of the most potent tools of recruitment and recruiters all over the world are creating innovative strategies to find the best talents for different kinds of job profiles through different social media sites.

Let’s take a look into how each social media site can help in recruitment:

LinkedIn which is the hub of professionals with a database of over 170 industries spread in over 200 countries can be the best resource for finding the professionals with skills that match the job profile to a T.

Facebook which is more a network for friends is also a store house of talents as here recruiters can build networks and contacts that can help them recruit and source the best of working hands. With organizations strengthening their presence on social networks connecting with people having relevant skills has become easier than before.

Twitter which can be used to spread messages is another potent platform using which employers can interact with prospective employees and analyze their interest areas and skills.

Skillpages is another popular social site that has come up in a big way recently. This site is solely meant to connect employers and employees and has features using which people can post jobs as well look into the profiles of people with matching skills. This site along with helping employers spread the word about available vacancies also helps job aspirants find out the best opportunities where their skills can be utilized in the best possible way.

The only thing that recruiters need to keep in mind while using these social sites is that the opportunities posted should be authentic and queries sent by aspirants should be answered in time so that the company does not lose its credibility as on social sites managing one’s reputation is very important as any kind of negative aspect if highlighted, spreads like wildfire on these social platforms.

Thus, social media having become a common platform of search for both employers and employees should be carefully used in order to make the best out of the facilities that they provide us with.