Utilizing sick leaves

Being unable to go to work because of an illness is a dreadful feeling for most people. Not only does it ruin a perfectly productive day but it also makes work at the office pile up.

However sick leave is a benefit that can be quite beneficial if used appropriately.

When an employee can use sick leave is a matter that is highly debatable. Most employers try their best to maintain very strict guidelines and definitions with regard to this issue.

This is why, when taking a sick leave one should remember always that

  • The leave is being taken for a genuine reason
  • That the leave is taken while maintaining the requirements of the company policy
  • That the you have the appropriate documents to support your claim
  • That as far as it is possible, the office is informed in advance of the intended leave.

Obviously these are but a few of the many issues one should consider but they definitely should come foremost on that list.

A strange abuse of sick leaves is a new trend called presenteeism. This is the tendency of workers coming to work despite being sick because they don’t think they are sick enough to warrant the consumption of a sick leave. This can become a serious problem if they have a contagious disease because it will then spread and infect the entire workforce.

Employees should be encouraged to make appropriate use of their sick leaves. Allowing them to avail these leaves to meet health professionals for regular checkups or just resting their bodies after a long and strenuous work period, within reason can be immensely helpful.

We all will agree that health is wealth and truly wealth, so it hardly requires reiteration that prudent use of the benefit of sick leaves can prove mutually beneficial to both the employer and the employee.

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