Ways to get out of an employment contract

Before you are introduced to the details about an employment contract and the terms that you should be keeping an eye out for, you need to first be aware of the fact as to whether your country or the region where you are employed has strict employment laws. This is because if the laws are followed stringently then a lot of calculations are in order before you can think of a way to get out of it. If you’re lucky enough to be employed in such a country where not so much importance is given to contract of service then you can easily find the loopholes in law and start off with a new job without any hindrances.

Let’s suppose that you do need to know how to get out of your contract of service if you are under legal obligation to be in a company for a certain period of time say 6 months or a year at the max. In that case what should you do? The first step would be to do a bit of calculation on your own regarding how much of revenue your company could have gained if you would have continued working till the stipulated period of time. If you’re confused about how should you carry about calculating and the number game is not your cup of tea then the best thing for you to do will be to hire a lawyer. Take the advice of your friends or family and get in touch with the best lawyer in town so that you are not taken for a ride!

The most important part of breaking the contract is to calculate the repercussions both legal and financial, from the perspective of the employer as well as from your perspective. Though it is always better to go for a mutual agreement for such matters after you have negotiated the terms with your employer, you should also be ready for a stronger opposition, just in case!

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  1. Useful, it’s always interesting to know how to deal in different jurisdictions. In The Netherlands, it’s (within the EU) relatively easy to terminate an employemtn contract as employer: check http://www.amsadvocaten.com/practice-areas/employment-law/termination-of-employment-agreement/