What All to do, While Preparing for a Job-Interview

A job interview is a conversation between the interviewer and interviewee, cordial and serious in nature. The purpose behind which is to get a suitable candidate for vacant job position. And thus and thereby your target is to present yourself as the right person, interviewer is looking out for.

And to ascertain your chances of getting the job, you need to prepare well for it. Planned preparation facilitates you discover your plan of cation and thus how to go about the interview . Going this way, you can prepare yourself a to do list, which would include:

  • Identifying and analyzing your set of Strengths and Weaknesses, and working on them accordingly to win your weaknesses and use your strengths. The philosophy here is to work to turn an use your weakness as your strengths.
  • Establishing and then and thereby work on sharpening your skills whether technical or communication or soft.
  • Gather information about the company, its size and ventures, manpower, history and major achievements, etc.
  • Know about the profile you are applying for and what could be your KRAs.
  • Collect and practice common questions for the interview and prepare yourself the questions to ask at the time of interview.
  • Ready your interview file with all the needful documents and keep your self all relevant x-copies as well. And do keep extra copies of resume, it may help.
  • Before interview do check and prepare your formal attire. Your dressing and shoes should be formal and well maintained. Hairs managed, accessories and jeweleries should be minimum and needful only.

Thus going for interview this way will keep you confident and boost you establish your candidature. And it will help get an edge and break the ice in interview. One thing to be kept in mind is do not take things for granted or exaggerate yourself. Be calm and composed and answer with cool head.