What is a Talent Network and how does it help

Recruitment has become much more than just posting your resumes on a career site and then waiting for the recruiter to find you and call you. At present you need to make an all out effort to reach out to the prospective recruiters and allow them to communicate with you by different means available. Talking about the ways to reach out to the prospective job seekers, the concept of talent network is in vogue. In this the candidates willingly become a part of the company’s database by filling a simple form which is usually included in a career site. This has become an extremely popular and successful ways of tapping the talent when it is required.

Being a part of a talent network also helps the candidates in learning more about the organization with the help of newsletters, articles, messages or any other source of information. They can take their decision as to whether they would prefer to be a part of such an organization or not once they have the details about the organization handy.

A talent network works in a very simple manner. Once the candidate has agreed to be communicated with they start receiving informational and entertaining materials. Now, when the organizations send these materials they need make sure that these pass on the right message to the prospective job seeker so that they are able to gather the right kind of information about the company. From the perspective of the employer the candidates are then registered to their employee database so that if there is any recruitment drive in the future these candidates can be contacted at first.

Other than acting as a ready database of candidates, the talent network also plays an important role in filling key positions and improving their visibility among the talented candidates. The company can also develop a lasting relationship with the candidates, resulting in an efficient recruitment process. Candidates too can benefit from the timely communication.

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