What Metro Cities Have to Offer as Job Hub

Its nothing new hearing people, looking-out for Jobs in Delhi or in Mumbai or Kolkatta or any other metropolitan city. This trend has been in existence even in the pre-independence phase and so does it prevails today also. Both educated as well layman class influx is there in these cities, contributing to the mix-culture. The name metropolitan itself reflects the richness of these cities and their edge over other cities, even capital cities in terms of employment generation.

To figure out the root reason of this characteristic feature of these cities, there can not be one point. To site a few reasons thereby, below is the list:

  1. Industrial Hive : The Industrial clubbing is the basic root reason behind the job pool therein. Metro cities are home to all sectors/industries. Almost every company has its head office & corporate office in one of these city, irrespective of the industry.
  2. Public Sector Opportunities : Presence of major Government offices and Public sector industries in the metros, create plenty of opportunities there. Following which the branch offices are set and run in the capital and other big cities.
  3. Infrastructure : Higher level of infrastructural developments not only encourage the industrialists to set up their factories/offices there but also, the infrastructural works itself pools out a huge no. of jobs.
  4. Core of Foreign Investment: Metros backed by their higher development and industrial rates are capable of attracting foreign investments.
  5. Security for ROI : The developed infrastructures, availability of all kind of resources, ensure guaranteed/better and higher return on investment to the industrialists/investors.
  6. Safety & Administration : The administration definitely is better compared to all other cities and capital cities hereby, offering security to people going out for work as well to capitalists for their asset.
  7. History Back-up : Looking back, the establishment of these cities as job hub was done long back, owing to the establishment of these cities as core of activities, ranging from trade to politics to development to education, etc…Thus the history as well supports the job-developing capacity of these cities.
  8. Educational and Cultural Back-up : The metros definitely have higher level of education creating awareness for education in the lower section of society as well amongst women. Thereby there is openness is culture widening the scope of jobs for women and there are plenty of options for the lower section people and the disabled as well.