What to Avoid While Planning for Workforce Requirements

Workforce is one factor that is required by any company for a successful business & a proper planning certainly ensures future success. The workforce cycle comprises of getting the requirement request, analyzing the requirement, forecasting the numbers, mapping the resources and closing it by hiring the right candidate. But there are six major pitfalls that occur while planning for human capital.

1. Companies generally expect the HR department to take the responsibility for workforce planning. However, it is required to run the business successfully. Therefore, to plan accordingly should be the responsibility of the business unit as they take care of all the business plans & strategies. HR department can definitely play the role of an advisor & help them delivering the needs.

2. Workforce planning is a long term objective as companies do not hire employees for a short time span; rather the hiring is done so that the employees can deliver their best, which will help the business in the long run. Also they need to take any kind of organizational or technical change into consideration & ensure that the manpower can keep on performing in the changing scenario.

3. The other major pitfall is trying to take big leaps in the beginning. Companies should try taking one small step at a time. When they are starting their business, they should try rolling out small number of job openings instead bulk hiring & as and when the business expands, they can always recruit more people.

4. As discussed, workforce planning is a business strategy. Organizations invest on workforce planning is eventually to derive profit out of that. The Human Resource team should be able to show the benefits to the business team in order to make the company design workforce management strategies more effectively.

5. Planning is not the solution. The ultimate intention is to execute the plan to minimize the gap between current manpower & future workforce and to maximize profitability. To avoid this every company should appoint an invigilator to ensure that the implementation is taking place. They should also fix a deadline for the same & a time to time evaluation is highly recommended.

6. Planning is essential but to plan without right knowledge & skills can be fatal. To find people with these attributes are hard. That’s the reason why companies start the business with external consultants, who train their HR & business unit. And once they get a hang of it, they slowly develop the process internally.

To overcome these pitfalls is a challenge & if we can achieve this, then a smooth & successful business is something we can definitely look forward to.

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