What to exaggerate in your resume

Your resume is the best of you on paper. So padding it with as much positive information is not just right, it’s smart.

There are a few things to keep in mind though, because if exaggeration is conducted with impunity the obvious and inevitable consequences can be devastating. Here is a short list of things that you could consider when making yourself look good on paper:

  • Remember that there is a fine difference between packaging your resume in a smart fashion and blatantly exaggerating.
  • Don’t lie. There is just no other way to say it. Lying is not just morally incorrect but it almost always comes back to you under very disastrous circumstances
  • Walk the fine line between too little and too much. Describing a waiter as a waiter is too little and describing a waiter as a dining experience liaison is too much.

Here are some areas that you can repackage on your resume

  • Your skills: The skills acquired at a burger joint can be applied to a stock broking firm. All it takes is a little creative thinking.
  • Job profile: As mentioned earlier, calling a waiter a waiter just doesn’t cut it, instead it can be aptly described as hotel/restaurant floor staff.
  • Achievements: Here again one can highlight the virtue instead of the accomplishment itself. When enumerating the prize for the office soccer match, highlight teamwork, leadership and competitive spirit.
  • Skills acquired outside work: Tell your prospective employer how as an athlete, if indeed you are an athlete, you know a life of discipline and training.

These are the basic tenets of resume repackaging that will help you on your way to creating a resume that will stand out among the deluge of applications that plague the offices today. Remember though that once you have the job you apply for, you need to always be able to back up whatever is on the resume with actual performance. Only put on that resume what you are confident is your capability.

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