What you can ‘not’ include in your resume

Out of job….. Not employed for a few months…. Worked for two or three months in an organization…

There may be many such issues which you are hesitant to include in your resume. What do you do in this case? How do you tackle this sticky situation? It’s simple. Don’t mention it!

Yes, this is a fact – you are allowed to keep things under the cover when you are creating your resume. And, it isn’t a crime at all. It’s completely up to you whether you want to include something in your resume or not. And, considering the present state of affairs, you will definitely not be penalized for not being employed.

You’ve just got to know the right justification or the reply when you are asked about the gap in your employment period during an interview. Suppose you are asked about the reason that you were a part of a company for just three months (which definitely looks odd), how would you tackle it if the truth is that you were laid off? Well, just say that you were laid off. So, what you did not include in your resume you can prepare a verbal explanation for the same and be ready to answer it well. If you have been spending time since then in searching for jobs then just skip that period in your resume.

Summing up, you are allowed to leave out any short stints or unusual gaps from your resume because no one actually expects you to give a detailed record of what you did. Only the main points need to be highlighted. And, it’s no longer considered to be an embarrassing thing to be qualified and talented and out of job. So, if you are unemployed for some time inspite of having the right requirements don’t worry – this isn’t uncommon enough to raise eyebrows anymore!

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